Hi, my name is

Anna Sophia.

I do academic things.

A passionate linguistics student. I have a variety of interests but am focusing on computational linguistics at the moment.

About Me

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I am a linguistics student with a passion for computational things. I have a strong interest in the role of NLP and language models in Linguistics. I am currently working as a research assistant at the Speech, Lexicon And Modeling lab at Heinrich Heine Universite in Düsseldorf, Germany and also co-chairing a computerlinguistics conference (TaCoS).

Languages I am familiar with:

  • German (Native)
  • English (C1)
  • Spanisch (B2)
  • Chinese (A1)
What I have been working with recently:
  • Building websites with WordPress and GitHub
  • Programming in Python and R
  • Naive Discriminative Learning
  • GitHub


2023 - today
Master of Linguistics
Heinrich Heine University
Teaching Assistant for:

  • Advanced course: Internet of things for Linguists
2019 - 2023
Bachelor of Linguistics
Heinrich Heine University


  • Phonetics/Phonology
  • Computerlinguistics
  • Pragmatics

Tutoring/Teaching Assistant for:

  • Quantitative methods for linguistic data (Tut)
  • Programming for Linguists (Tut)
  • Introduction to Pragmatics (Tut)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (Tut)
  • Internet of Things for linguists (TA)

Thesis results submitted as a paper to IcPhs:


Libreslam Workshop
FOSS Workshop HHU
Libreslam Workshop
On July 1st 2022, Akilesh Kakolu Ramarao and I held a FOSS4ALL workshop. The workshop was aimed at providing researchers of any discipline with an understanding of Free/Open Source as a model of research development.
Student conference on Computerlinguistics (TaCoS)
Conference Computerlinguistics GitHub
Student conference on Computerlinguistics (TaCoS)
TaCoS offers students of computational linguistics and adjacent fields a chance to exchange views during talks and workshops.
Long Night of the Sciences
SciCom AI
Long Night of the Sciences
The Long Night of the Sciences has become an established form of public relations activity in Germany. One night of the year, large scientific institutions hold lectures and demonstrations for the general public in order to present themselves and a general overview of their research topics. The events cover all aspects of science, from natural sciences to social sciences.

Get in Touch

My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!